Post Cataract Surgery Care

Cataract surgery is not a very complex procedure but the patient has to be extremely careful during the post-surgery phase. Intense care is required so that he can get back his normal life as soon as possible. The cataract surgeon will prescribe a series of guidelines which the patient and the family will have to follow so that the condition does not worsen and to prevent any infection. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Firstly, it is natural to experience some irritation in the eye just after the surgery. The eye will be bandaged for the first couple of days, but even after it is removed, one has to exercise self control from rubbing the eye in any way. If there is any kind of pain, use medicine that is prescribed by the cataract surgeon.

  • It is alright to wash the face after shaving but it should be done with a damp cloth, more like sponging, rather than splashing water on the face. Do not use any cosmetics either and the chemical might permeate through the skin and enter the eye area. Be careful while moving around. During the first few days, vision may be blurry so prevent yourself from tripping or falling and hurting the eye.

  • During the first week, avoid doing any kind of heavy exercise. You wound might be very small but you must still avoid bending or picking heavy objects. Try not to jog or run and stay away from places which are liable to have sudden movements, like around a workshop. Take a leave from work and have a rest at home.

  • The biggest reason of infection during the post cataract surgery phase is the presence of dirt and dust. Stay in a clean room and clean out the room before bringing the patient in from the hospital. Avoid dusting the room when the patient is present and always wear clean clothes. The person administering the eye drop to the patient should also have clean hands before handling any medicine.

  • Usually, if the cataract surgeon says so, the operated eye should be cleaned twice a day. If the surgeon does it himself, then there is no reason to worry. However, if a family member or a friend is helping at home, they should follow the instructions of the doctor about cleaning the eye word to word to avoid any complications.
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