4 Basic Ways To Prevent Glaucoma Naturally

Going by statistics, glaucoma is the second most prominent cause that results in blindness. Glaucoma is associated with a group of eye diseases that has the potential to damage your optic nerves that result in the loss of vision.

It is pretty difficult to detect glaucoma during the initial stages because it shows no symptoms. People who have a family history of glaucoma needs to be alert because they are the first few people who will fall prey to this problem. This is a big reason to worry for people who are not aware about what they can do to prevent this problem. If you are interested to know the prevention steps that you can follow, then stay with us.

4 Preventive Measures to Keep Glaucoma at Bay

Keep a Check on Your Diet – What you eat plays an important role in giving rise to the problem of glaucoma. However, if you fear the chances of suffering from glaucoma, then add a lot of dark colored berries in your diet. Dark colored berries including blueberries and cranberries can reverse macular degeneration. The berries strengthen the capillaries which carry the nutrients to the nerves and the eye muscles.

Exercise Regularly – This point should not come as a surprise, that exercise is the best possible way to stay fit and healthy. Exercise plays an important role in preventing the problem of glaucoma. The exercise routine that you will follow must include sprint burst type of exercise, aerobics as well as strength training.

Keep the Insulin Levels Low – If you want to prevent the problem of glaucoma for good, then keeping the insulin level low is extremely important. Higher insulin levels are responsible for increasing the blood pressure as well as the eye pressure. This can make your body insulin resistant and that is a common problem for problems like diabetes and glaucoma. [Read : How to prevent Diabetic Glaucoma]

Avoid Trans Fats – Trans fats often interfere with the omega 3 fats in your body and that is extremely important for the health of your eyes. So if you follow a diet that is high on trans fats, then it can create the problem of macular degeneration and the corresponding problem of glaucoma. So prevent trans fats at all times and discard it completely from your diet. [Read : Food For Vision- How to prevent glaucoma in diets.]

AIf glaucoma is one such problem that you fear might encounter you, then follow these 4 effective steps to kiss goodbye to the problem of glaucoma for good.

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