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Telehealth service is an over the phone consultation with our specialist available  for patients call 9331 4402 or email to schedule an appointment.

    Patients are advised to attend the clinic alone. If a carer or a translator is required their contact details are requested at the front desk. We have taken additional measures in regard to hygiene and cleanliness around the practice. We have increased our regular cleaning – wiping surfaces with commercial grade surface disinfectant; and will carefully ensure cleanliness between each patient.  Social distancing protocols have also been applied.

    We thank you for your patience and understanding in cooperating with these additional measures, which are important to protect your health and safety, as well as that of our staff.

    Please feel free to contact our rooms if you have any concerns.

    A Brief introduction about Essendon Eye Clinic

    Dr Sheppard established the Essendon Eye Clinic at its current location in 1997.  Since that time a number of new doctors have joined the practice and the range of services offered by the practice has continued to increase.

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    The Essendon Eye Clinic and its co-located partner business Essendon Retina  have the most modern technology available on site including

    • Optic Coherence Topography
    • Optos Ultra Wide Field Fluorescein Angiography
    • Optos Ultra Wide Field Photography
    • Corneal Topography and Pachymetry
    • Anterior and Posterior segment lasers
    • Electroretinography and Visual Function Testing
    • Eyecubed B Scan
    • Indirect Retinal Laser
    • Intravitreal steroid implantation
    • Cryotherapy

    The clinic has a dedicated on-site minor theatre with an operating microscope for minor operations and intravitreal injections.


    Essendon Eye Clinic

    154 Buckley St.,
    Essendon , VIC 3040

    T: (03) 9331 4402
    F: (03) 9331 3755

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