Symptoms of Retinal Detachment

You will not feel any pain when your retina is detached from the tissues around it.Once it occurs you need to visit an ophthalmologist and plan an eye surgery for restoring it. You can permanently lose vision if you do not take prompt actions. [Read More:  On Eye Care]

Who are at the risk of retinal detachment?

  • You are susceptible to retinal detachment if you are
  • Severely nearsighted or myopic
  • Have had a cataract surgery or an eye injury
  • Have family’s past history of retinal detachment.

What are the symptoms of retinal detachment?

  • Appearance of large amount of floaters.
  • Appearance of flashes along with the floaters
  • Clouding of a portion of your vision, which starts from the corners of the eye progressing to the center as the detachment advances.

What are floaters?

Sometimes we see small specks, spots and flecks floating aimlessly around in our field of vision. These are particularly pronounced when we look at the bright eye, or stare at a computer screen .These floaters are harmless, although disturbing.

Floaters appear when the vitreous fluid inside the eye start losing its consistency. Some of this undissolved gel occasionally start floating around in the more liquefied center of the optical fluid. These take various shapes and sizes to become what we call “floaters.”

Though they appear in the front of the eye, they are actually the shadows that we see.The clumps float inside the eye casting shadows on the layer of posterior lining of light sensitive cells of the eye, or the retina.

What are flashes?

When the ocular pressure increases, the gel starts tugging the retina dislodging it.Now you may see lightening streaks or “flashes” along with the floaters. It is an experience that is more commonly described as ‘seeing stars’.It means the retinal tear has advanced, increasing the chances of retinal detachment.These flashes are recurring and can continue for months.

What is meant by Clouding of Vision ?

In cases of sudden detachment of the retina you can see a curtain or a cloud covering the sides of your field of vision. This is caused by sudden rise in ocular pressure increasing the traction within the eye. You may experience partial loss of peripheral vision.If left unattended the detachment progress, the clouding moves to the center of the eye, covering it.

Retinal Detachment is a serious eye disorder, which can be avoided, by early diagnosis and proper treatment. [Read:RETINAL DETACHMENT- PREVENTION AND CARE]

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