We offer a packaged suite of tests for assisting with diagnosing and monitoring retinal toxicity due to Plaquenil, Gilenya and other macula sensitive medications. Current international guidelines recommend baseline ophthalmic assessment before initiation of treatment and then screening after 5 years. Indications for more regular screening include: new visual symptoms, renal/hepatic disease and higher cumulative doses. We can also provide test for gluacoma, diabietic patients.

We have a Diagnostics division, for  single tests or package deals which include.

1. OCT – Macula thicknes analysis, Optic nerve fibre analysis, Ganglion cell analysis.

2. Wide field digital photography.

 3. Fundus  Autofluorescence  photography.

4. Computerized field testing – Binocular Estermann

                                                       – Full Threshold

Patient makes appointment with our diagnostics division, no referral required. There is an out of pocket expense. Testing is concluded within a 15min period, the patient  can then leave, results are posted/emailed to the relevant parties. No ophthalomological consultation is undertaken. For further information on our diagnostics division email us at

If an ophthalmological consultation is required, a referral is required. A full comprehensive examination is performed with relevant test performed. Results and a report is sent to the relevant parties.  Dilation drops are used.  

We have other packages which include:

Contrast sensitivity,  Goldmann Kinetic Perimetry and Multifocal ERG.

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