Advantages of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is very quick and painless. When you begin to compare how much money you have spent on contact lenses and glasses over the past few years and how much you wear them, to laser vision correction, it seems that the operation is a very good idea.

More and more people are opting to choose laser surgery over wearing glasses and contact lenses. It can be an advantage if your professions is hampered by wearing glasses or lenses. Also you no longer need to worry about carrying an extra set of glasses or lens care solutions in your bag.

The first step is ensuring that you understand what the procedure entails, how much it will cost and what any possible side effects or complications are.

The second and more important step is in choosing a good laser eye surgery center or eye surgeon who has performed many similar procedures before.

Some Advantages of Laser Surgery:

  • Less expensive in the long run
  • Free from contacts and glasses

  • No clouding up of glasses or lens irritations

  • No drying out of lenses or glasses falling off

  • Increased confidence and self esteem

  • Better performance during playing and sports

  • Career options improve

  • Easier Driving

Laser eye surgery is suited for all the major types of eye conditions, such as short sightedness (myopia), astigmatism, long sightedness and also presbyopia – all of which can be corrected by laser surgery.

Myopia – Short sightedness is corrected by thinning out the corneal tissue to help you see object that are far away.

Hyperopia – Long sightedness is corrected by producing a greater slope to the peripheral areas of the cornea.

Astigmatism – Smoothing of the cornea surface.

These are just some of the advantages to having laser eye surgery. A few people experience a better social life after eye laser surgery, since they don’t feel like they are‘hiding behind their glasses’. Others have higher self esteem after laser surgery and also get improved job opportunities.

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