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Laser Treatment for Retinal Detachment in Premature Babies

Prematurely born babies often suffer from a disease of the eye which is caused by intensive neo-natal care providing oxygen to them due to the lack of development of their lungs. The disease is probably caused by the improper growth … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Cataract Surgeon?

The choice of a doctor or a surgeon depends mostly on two factors – what your exact medical requirements are and what your budget is, that is, how much you can spend for the treatment. Though cataract surgeries are among … Continue reading

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How Can the Doctors at Essendon Eye Clinic Help You?

Starting its journey in the year 1997, the Essendon Eye Clinic has made great improvements and incorporated all that is new in terms of treatment of diseases and conditions of the eye to ensure the provision of the best and … Continue reading

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How to Find The Best Treatment for Glaucoma?

Glaucoma can be an unfortunate eye problem that mainly hits a person in his elderly years. But at the same time, there is world class glaucoma treatment available in the world these days and it doesn’t take a lot of … Continue reading

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