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Post Cataract Surgery Care

Cataract surgery is not a very complex procedure but the patient has to be extremely careful during the post-surgery phase. Intense care is required so that he can get back his normal life as soon as possible. The cataract surgeon … Continue reading

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3 Tips To Remember Before Choosing The Best Eye Specialist

Eye care specialists have the most challenging and tough job because they are giving you vision. They are giving you the power and the ability to see things for yourself. This is an extremely liberating power that every individual deserves. … Continue reading

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3 Tips To Maintain A Good And Healthy Eyesight

Eyes are the most important part of an individual’s life. The ability to see things is the biggest blessing for mankind. Nobody wants to live in the dark and that is the primary reason why we need a pair of … Continue reading

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4 Basic Ways To Prevent Glaucoma Naturally

Going by statistics, glaucoma is the second most prominent cause that results in blindness. Glaucoma is associated with a group of eye diseases that has the potential to damage your optic nerves that result in the loss of vision. It … Continue reading

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Symptoms of Retinal Detachment

You will not feel any pain when your retina is detached from the tissues around it.Once it occurs you need to visit an ophthalmologist and plan an eye surgery for restoring it. You can permanently lose vision if you do … Continue reading

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