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Eye Care

Since we are born with a pair of eyes, we take them for granted as we do for our other body parts.Those with normal, clear vision do not realize the pain of losing sight or being deprived of vision from … Continue reading

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How to Select an Ophthalmologist?

Selecting the right ophthalmologist is important for the health of your eyes. Getting the help from the professional and skilled ophthalmologist will help you in many ways- from assessing the general health of eyes to serious problems like retinal detachment. … Continue reading

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Retinal Detachment – Prevention And Care

Retinal detachment cannot be prevented, but the best you can do is, follow the warning signs and get your eyes treated. Regular check ups at definite intervals, more frequently if you are above 40, can reduce your chances of retinal … Continue reading

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Common Methods Used for Retinal Detachment Repair

Retinal detachment is an eye disorder wherein the retina separates or peels away from the underlying support tissue layer. While the initial detachment is mostly localized, it can also be broad and if neglected, the retina may get completely detached. … Continue reading

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